Stress is human beings

In general, stress is discussed as one of the most important aspects in causing serious diseases. Not only does stress affect negatively our well-being and performance, but also it increases the risk of burnout, depression, cancer,  coronary diseases, problematic addiction behavior, and many more. That's why it is crucial to deal efficiently with stress. But not only stress coping is important to live a healthy life, rather enhancing personal resources such as the social network, physical activity, relaxing, self care, nutrition, mindfulness, or breathing. Therefore, I train you to be capable to deal efficiently with stress in every context and to sustain your resources to live a healthy life. 

Addiction and drugs

My concepts of coaching

Health Psychology

Mind Body Medicine

The concept of Mind Body Medicine has become popular in the past decades, although it has a long tradition in different cultures, for instance in Ancient Greece, China, or India. However, the concept of Mind Body Medicine integrates interventions to improve mental and physical fitness. The interventions address health related aspects such as 

  • social network
  • personal performance level
  • mental mindsets
  • physical activity 
  • nutrition
  • relaxation
  • breathing
  • self care
  • mindfulness

Since I am a psychologist, I can't cover every health related aspect listed above. In order to offer you the whole range of Mind Body Medicine, I collaborate with professional associates in the field of nutrition or mindfulness. 

Cognitive Behavioral Psychology