About me

"Life is the ultimate experience, but you have to experience it." (Teacher in "The Sure Thing"). 

To live your life the way you wish to live it, I attend and empower you in order to achieve your wish.

Education & know-how

So far in my life, I happen to face different challenges which built my experience. Combined with my character, these are probably the reasons why I am so passionate in working together with human beings. It brings me great happiness and joy when people find their way with my support.

I studied the science of psychology at the University of Zurich. Especially for my master's degree, I focused on the complex area of stress and intimate relationships where I got to know the work of Prof. Dr. Guy Bodenmann. Eventually, I was offered the highly appreciated opportunity to collaborate with Prof. Dr. Guy Bodenmann which was a turning point in my psychological career. In 2018, Prof. Dr. Guy Bodenmann offered me the possibility to lead his preventive program Paarlife which aims to sustain and strengthen intimate relationships in dealing with stress.
Besides studying and working for Paarlife, I worked as a social worker in Dietikon where I leaded together with my coworker an institution that offers kids and teenager a place to meet up and spend their free time together to socialize. Most of the kids and teenager I worked with indicated a different cultural background which was a wonderful experience for me.
At Paarlife, I was trained and educated by Prof Dr. Guy Bodenmann and his wife, Dr. Corinne Bodenmann-Kehl, to provide couples with communication skills and sensitize them regarding to the subject of stress and its impact on close relationships.

With my experience and know-how in matters of addiction and substance abuse, I cooperated not only as a social worker with different prevention organizations but also as an expert to sensitize young people in the context of corporate education (i. e. Zuger Kantonalbank "Academy Week"). Furthermore, I was trained in coaching high performance teams with the intervention of TeamPerfom.

Currently, I educate myself in being a general health promoter and couples therapist. 



  • 2008 - Eidg. Maturitätsprüfung 
  • 2015 - Bachelor of Science in Psychology UZH
  • 2018 - Workshopleiter zur sexuellen Prävention (Limita)
  • 2019 - licensed Paarlife-Workshop faciliator
  • 2020 - licensed Paarlife-Kommunikation facilitator
  • 2020 - Master of Science in Psychology UZH
  • 2020 - licensed facilitator of TeamPerform  
  • 2021 - CAS „Gesundheitspsychologie & Body Mind Medicine“ (in progress)
  • 2021 - CAS „Verhaltenstherapie mit Paaren“ (in progress)

Working experiences

  • 2009 - 2013: Springer bei Denner AG
  • 2009 - 2015: Raumverwaltung Jugendarbeit Thalwil
  • 2014 - 2015: Briefträger Quickmail AG
  • 2016 - 2020: Jugendbeauftragter Stadt Dietikon
  • Since 2018: lead operator of Paarlife Schweiz
  • Since 2020: Owner Life Steps M. Duc


Since I offer flexibel and mobile coaching, I am able to meet up with you in establishments in Thalwil or Zurich. Besides, I offer you to meet up at a place by your choice (for instance at your home). However, it is always possible to get an intervention over video conference systems, phone calls, or emails. You find pictures of my creativity coaching room in Thalwil.